Putting our pupils needs first

We teach driving to a very high standard, putting our pupils needs first. Client Centered Learning is our ethos and we take great pride, dedication and consistency to get the results our students want!

Driving to a very high standard, to keep the roads a safer place


Catherine Stacey

In 2015, I decided to become a fully qualified Driving Instructor (ADI). 2016, I fulfilled my ambition and started my chosen career path. I have never looked back. The best part of my job is being part of someone's onward journey to independent life - whether they are a school leaver, or somebody, who in later life, has decided to achieve their full Driving Licence. A life skill.

In 2023, I was voted the 3rd Best Regional Driving Instructor of the Year for Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex. An achievement I am extremely proud of. Now in 2024, I have again been nominated for the same Award and have been shortlisted in the top 100 out of 40,000 Driving Instructors across the UK. Also in 2023, I won the most Trustpilot 5 star reviews out of 200 Driving Instructors, whilst working within a different Company.

I have the experience and the knowledge to get the end result, you, so desire..... A Full Driving Licence.


Lee Horton

Having had many occupations over the years, and to be honest, not really enjoying any of them. It wasn't until I became a driving instructor / coach that I found what I had been searching for...
Job Satisfaction!

To be able to teach a complete newbie to not only pass their test, but to become a more confident / competent driver is the best feeling ever.
So if you feel the time is right for you to start your lessons, just check out my 5 star reviews.
It may help you to make the move to get behind the wheel and get driving sooner rather than later.

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Free Mock tests

Mock tests available for free for all Iceni Driving School students

Student Portal

We provide a comprehensive student portal allowing you to track progress and view relevant information

Same Eco Friendly Cars

Both instructors drive the same environmentally friendly vehicles

Easy Booking

Book your theory / driving test in your car with your instructor

Interactive Tools

We use the latest and greatest interactive tools in the car to aid your learning journey

Local Pickup

We can arrange a central point to pick you up if you live further away

Who were the Iceni?

The Iceni were an ancient Celtic tribe in Eastern Britain, during the Iron Age and early Roman era. They were based in East Anglia now modern-day Norfolk and ruled by Queen Boudica. Their capital was Caister-St-Edmund.

Boudica rose to power after her husband, King of the Iceni tribe, died and handed their lands and power to the romans. Boudica rebelled, bringing the tribes warriors and conquered the local Roman settlement of Camulodunum now known as Colchester.


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